Surveys and Valuations

The best way to reach an informed decision on such an important investment as a home purchase is to have a professional RICS Homebuyers Survey and Valuation or a RICS Building Survey. Before you go ahead and commit yourself to the purchase ask a qualified surveyor these questions:-

  1. Is the agreed price reasonable?
  2. Are there any building problems I need to know about?
  3. If so, what do I need to do about them?

Commissioning your own survey is the simple economical way to avoid unpleasant and perhaps costly surprises after moving in.

A Survey and Valuation is not as expensive as you may think and could save you thousands of pounds.

We provide independent valuation advice for a large range of purposes including:-

  1. Valuation for mortgage purposes.
  2. Valuation for probate.
  3. Valuation for matrimonial purposes
  4. Valuation for insurance reinstatement costs.

Valuations for these purposes can vary, as different assumptions have to be made in arriving at the valuation figure. Having worked extensively in the area for over twenty five years and with a good understanding of the local property market we are ideally placed to undertake all types of valuation work.